About me

Hello friends! My name is Zolee i was born in 1977 , and i work in Sopron.
I have one brother and fiance. My hobbies are citizen band radio, music, turntable ,
electronica and personal computer. I bought my first radio in 1994 type is Major m688
later i bought a Stalker IX and after i had a President Grant, Stalker XX, President Jackson and Galaxy Saturn.
Now i have one Yaesu FT-710 desktop radio and one Galaxy Pluto mobile and portable radio i am using this
with Lifepo4 accu and Sirio ML145 antenna.
My homebase antenna is a Sirio Gain master before this i had a Boomerang m27 ,
Penetrator, Sirio Super 12 but i like best the Gain master antenna.
I started in radio in 1994 but for many years i just spoke with local stations (wire phone rare in '90s)
sometimes i hear distant stations but at this time it was not interesting for me.
For a few years i did not use the radio but i came back to it in 2017 . I have 101 confirmed countries and this number will go up in the future.(i hope)
The countries in Europe, USA, Carrabian, Australia etc.
I found many good friends on frequency and i am happy that i selected this hobby.
Call me on 11m :)
Enjoy the DX ! '73s

109CT473 - Zolee from HUNGARY
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